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Flight Training 101


Flight training is more than just learning to be a pilot! From theory to practical aspects, the path is curved and twisted to suit your goals and ambitions! 


Recreational Pilots Licence

The Recreational Pilots Licence is your first big milestone in your flight journey.

Requiring a minimum of 25 hours, this licence will allow you to travel up to 25nm from your training aerodrome! 

An important first step towards your career or a great start on your private flying path.


Commercial Pilots Licence

Career change or a life long dream - A Commercial Pilots Licence will allow you to be a working pilot in the aviation industry. 

From airlines, charter work & instructing - The options and opportunities are endless! 

With 200 hours involved and several exams, it's a commitment worth making.


Private Pilots Licence

Wanting to travel freely at any distance? From small airports to big, the Private Pilots Licence is what you need! 

With 40 hours of training involved, your Private Pilots Licence will allow you to fly anywhere you want! 


Additional Training

Weather stopping you from flying? 

Maybe you want to see the stars from the sky? 

Perhaps instructing is your calling? 

BASE Aviation offers a bounty of additional training suited to your gaols and needs! 

Unlock the airways to new adventures with an endorsement on your licence.

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